A chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy) refers to a “covering” that symbolizes the home and life that a couple will make together. Because of my initial experience in which I created the chuppah featured here on my website, the idea of printing my black and white infrared photographic images on translucent silky fabric has intrigued me. I find myself attracted to the fluidity of the printed cloth as well as to the otherworldly and three-dimensional quality that this type of work possesses. These supple pieces demonstrate anew my connection to the landscape and the images I produce. They explore the perceptual intersection of the visual with a tactile and fluid substratum. 

The photographs featured on this page show the chuppah during its traditional use at the wedding itself. Please contact me if you would like to have me create a chuppah for you or for someone you love. Using my imagery (see several possible images below), we can work together to produce a unique and meaningful piece of Jewish ceremonial art that will be treasured for many years.